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Product Reviews

“Ric Lutz Pickups turned my muddy sounding bone stock Deluxe Ash Fender Telecaster into a 1950s inspired sound machine that even the best country and rock music guitar players can appreciate.

The 50s styled pickups have pristine clarity that will make your guitar extremely touch sensitive and articulate. The neck pickup has that fat strat-like punch, and the bridge pickup sings like a vintage telecaster should. Both pickups are perfectly balanced and sound amazing in the middle selector position.

While these pickups are great for that vintage country twang, I got thick and creamy jazz sounds just by rolling down the treble. I was also able to crank up the volume for that classic overdrive sound. The pickups are “hot” enough for every style of music, except death metal. These pickups produce a clearer sound than many of the other popular products on the market, including offerings from the Fender Custom Shop, Klein Pickups, Bareknuckle Pickups and more.

On top of the amazing sound, the pickups are also packaged exceptionally well, including all parts needed for the simple install. The pickups come with the required hardware and pre-soldered vintage cloth wire. They are also wax potted to help eliminate that dreaded single coil hum. My guitar is as quiet as a church mouse following the upgrade.

I’ve always modded my guitars throughout the years and I can say with full confidence that Ric Lutz Pickups can compete with any brand. I’ve got some Stratocasters that need some pickup attention too, and I know just the person to call.”